About Me

I am a serious hobbyist landscape photographer based in Sydney, Australia. I have been taking photos in some shape or form for most of my life but I became "serious" about capturing good quality photos about 8 years ago. Living in Sydney I am spoiled for choice of seascape locations and I'm out shooting most weekends depending on the weather conditions.

My main interest is seascapes and landscapes, but I also enjoy shooting some of the big artistic festivals held in Sydney every year, like the Vivid light festival and Sculptures by the Sea. I am also a classic car enthusiast (though I don't own one!) and so I try to get to a few of the regular car shows that are held around Sydney. On rainy days I've been known to get out my macro gear and shoot some macro images.

For those of you who may be interested, I shoot with a Nikon D850 and the 2 main lenses I use are the Nikkor 16-35mm and Nikkor 14-24mm. I have a collection of filters I use, mostly 6 and 10 stop neutral density filters from Formatt-Hitech and NiSi which I highly recommend if you're looking at buying filters to try long exposure photography.

If you have any questions about my photography or photography in general please contact me and I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have. :)